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Opinion: Robert Curvin, and Leaving the World Better Than the Way You Found It.

By Roland V. Anglin

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Alexander Wilde 4/26/2016 10:36:23 AM
This is a really wonderful obituary for Bob Curvin, conveying so eloquently who he was, what he cared about, and the range of his activity and accomplishment. He was Ford's first Vice President for Communications, a decision made by Susan Berresford that recognized - even before social media (and before the internet was widely used) - that Ford needed high level leadership to communicate our own values more actively and to promote and defend the work of our grantees. Bob proved a terrific choice for the job. In the mid-90s it fell to him to defend our work in immigrant and reproductive rights (which reminds us that some battles really demand long-term commitment!). I was then Rep in the Santiago office and worked with him long distance on our communications on human rights, governmental innovation and historical memory in the Andes and Southern Cone. Bob invariably got back to me quickly by phone or email, asked insightful questions about the particular context we faced, and gave me a lot of valuable counsel. I date my own education in in communications to just those exchanges. Bob Curvin was shrewd, thoughtful, and courteous - a wonderful colleague. I will miss him. --Alex Wilde, Vice President for Communications (2000-2004).


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