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The Presidents' Message, Spring 2019


We are delighted to serve as new co-presidents of LAFF. Just like you, we are involved in multiple activities in our family, professional and volunteer lives, yet we are deeply committed to LAFF. 
Our years at the Ford Foundation were among the most meaningful and productive of our lives and we feel privileged to be part of the global Ford network. Nearly everywhere we travel in the world we find friends, colleagues and partners who worked with the Foundation. So, at what seems like one of the most divisive times in our lives, this network is more important than ever as a way of remaining connected personally and professionally across generations and geographies.
For many years, LAFF has enabled members to be in touch through its website, newsletter and in-person gatherings. We will sustain these fora, and welcome your suggestions about how we can enhance their scope and value. We also will be delighted to hear from you about other ways in which LAFF can help members remain in touch and how you would like to be connected to this extraordinary network.  
At the LAFF gathering on March 21, which is featured in this issue of the newsletter, we were thrilled that so many of you were able to visit the Foundation’s newly renovated headquarters and to join our host, Ford President Darren Walker, in paying tribute to our outgoing LAFF president, Shep Forman. It was an honor to salute his steadfast leadership and dedication to LAFF over many years and to share this occasion with his family and colleagues who had worked closely with him.
The March event also was an opportunity to encourage new and ongoing members of LAFF to become more active in planning and hosting events, writing for the newsletter, assisting our devoted secretary-treasurer, Nellie Toma, in her myriad responsibilities and other ways in which you might want to be involved.
We look forward to opportunities to engage with you virtually and in person as we embark on our leadership of this unique organization.
Warmest regards to all, Betsy Campbell and Suzanne Siskel


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Marjorie Muecke 10/17/2020 5:44:58 PM
Thank you for taking the leadership of LAFF on -- you two are a great pair for the role. Stay well! In a future issue I'd be interested in reading about how FF's current countries are dealing with COVID-19 -- from the perspective of those in LAFF who still follow "their" countries... Cheers, Marjorie Muecke, SRH 1993-8


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