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A Note About This Website


LAFF’s website furthers the Society’s goal of “promoting social and professional contacts among its members” by publishing items on their experiences, activities and ideas and providing an interactive forum for collegial exchanges.   


The website and Newsletter are complementary channels for communication among LAFF members.

Content includes commissioned articles on current national and world issues; members’ reminiscences about their work at the Foundation or after leaving; member columns or blogs; opinion pieces by members on topical issues; reviews of books; articles about philanthropy; and pieces published by members elsewhere that are likely to be of interest to the membership.
Members will continue to receive LAFF’s quarterly newsletter by email or, in some cases, via normal post. Articles appearing in the newsletter may also be featured on the website, and particularly topical pieces may be posted prior to newsletter publication. The website may contain fuller versions of articles excerpted in the newsletter, as well as links to material cited in the articles. All newsletters will be archived and available on the website. 
The website offers additional features, such as member forums, links to affinity groups, notice of special events, a portal for members’ consultancy services and interests, and a classified ads section. 
How to Submit Content, Post Comments, and Navigate the Website
Please consult the “User’s Guide” in the far-left column.
Editorial Policy
The editor will have sole discretion in deciding what to publish in the newsletter and on the website, subject to discussion with the Society’s president when a question of LAFF’s interest is involved. The editor also will edit all submissions for accuracy, style, clarity and length.
Neither the newsletter nor LAFF’s website are intended as vehicles to convey criticism of or propose ideas to the Ford Foundation. Members who wish to do so should contact the Foundation directly. While not meant to promote Foundation ideas, activities or programs, both the newsletter and website will at times notify LAFF members of Foundation events or initiatives.



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